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Smoking Stinks! Bookmark and Share

Smoking is the cause of a worldwide health crisis that brings devastation to so many families. Yet, even with all the information available to them about the risks associated with smoking, kids continue to take up the nasty habit in alarming numbers. I believe that the primary reasons for this are not only that they think smoking makes them look cool, but also that it is meaningless to them to be told that they may suffer from health problems in 30 or 40 years when 1 week seems like an eternity in their lives. That is why in my song, Stinky Smoke, I focus only on right now and I plant the idea that, far from being cool, smoking stinks and so will they if they smoke. I am not big into “message songs” but this problem is just too big to ignore and, as a parent, scares the heck out of me. So I offer this song as a free download to any website or organization that is working to prevent kids from smoking. Right now you can find and download Stinky Smoke on www.realparentsrealanswers.com. If you have additional suggestions for anti-smoking organizations please contact me.