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What Are People Saying?

Highly recommended and thoroughly 'kid friendly'
“TRACEY SINGER is a man who has a positive knack for composing and performing children's music that is as lively and original as it is rhythmic and kid pleasing. Highly recommended and thoroughly 'kid friendly'. SWEETS ‘N’ TREATS is a welcome addition to family, preschool, and community library CD music collections for young children.”

We have so much fun dancing to the different songs!
"If you’re on the lookout for a fun, new, children’s CD, you should check out TRACEY SINGER’s SWEETS ‘N’ TREATS. I will warn you, though; the songs and melodies will get stuck in your head…”

Sweets 'n' Treats is a fun and realistic look at life.
“ Kids like to eat candy, camping can sometimes be a bummer, and yes, some kids are just plain mean. TRACEY also creates the smooth and cool character, FOXY JOE, on this CD with a funky song about this crazy guy. I do hope to see more songs with FOXY JOE in the future!”

Talented musician Singer has a long career ahead of him
“Produced by BUCK HOWDY — two-time Grammy nominee for children's music — this debut CD features 13 original tunes with sophisticated harmonies, smartly crafted compositions and up-to-date clarity, not to mention lots of fun and adventure. The wit and talent show up in songs like MALL MOM, FOXY JOE, CAMPING TRIP and NANA NANA BOO BOO, proving that talented musician Singer (yes, his real name) has a long career ahead of him.”

Connecting with kids through music
“It’s his ability to connect with kids, his ability to take every day events, celebrations, observations, and musings and make a fun (and funny) song.”

Tracey's songs will make you laugh out loud
“This album was not what I expected. I expected typical kids’ music. Instead I found a variety of music styles and great lyrics. BAGGY PANTS is my absolute favorite. It’s totally true, absolutely hysterical and makes me laugh out loud.”

Fun for the whole family!
“SWEETS ‘N’ TREATS is a CD full of fun songs, amusing characters, and entertaining adventures that the entire family will enjoy!”

Impressed by the albums messages
“I love the eclectic mix of songs on this CD. It ranges from simple ballads to old time rock 'n' roll to jazz. I am also impressed by the meanings the songs carry.”

More than your typical childrens music
“The songs on the CD are much more than the typical children's happy pop-style titles you can find nowadays. The kids who are featured in the chorus of the songs have hit the mark with such style and rhythm.”

Tracey's songs will make you dance around the house
“We love music especially music that makes us move and dance all over the house. TRACEY SINGER has made that perfect dance CD for kiddos SWEETS ‘N’ TREATS that did just that for us. It made us move. From the fun music to the fun words this CD is perfect for kids and will make them sing and dance all day long.”

Tracey's songs are happy, upbeat, and fun!
“I am very impressed with the humor that TRACEY SINGER brings to his songs, and I found the music to be happy, upbeat, and fun! SWEETS 'N' TREATS is perfect for family car trips, either across town or across country!”

CAMPING TRIP sent my kids into laughing fits!
“Child-friendly music must be lots of fun to keep children’s attention and be about topics that really interest kids. TRACEY SINGER’s debut CD, SWEETS ‘N’ TREATS, meets both qualifications! In fact, it also meets my third criteria for a great kids’ CD: My kids love it! CAMPING TRIP sent my kids into laughing fits!

Tracey's interesting characters bring the music to life
“I was instantly surprised at how lively and animated the music was. I was pleasantly surprised when all four of my kids started singing and dancing along. Characters like MALL MOM, FOXY JOE, and HARD-HEARTED HALEY make the music come to life!”

Songs you can listen to over and over
I have written and reviewed books and such with my grandson Jordon in mind as he was diagnosed with Autism. We try to give him a wide range of things to stimulate his imagination, and motor skills as well as his social skills. His new “thing” is listening to music on his CD player. He loves to listen to music and sing his little heart out! Well, I gave him TRACEY SINGER’s new CD to listen and he just went over the moon!! He sings right along and plays the whole CD and then hits repeat after every song and it has become his new favorite!