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Sweets ‘n’ Treats features 13 Tracey Singer originals, largely inspired by grand family adventures as work-at-home dad to four children under age nine. Introducing such memorable characters as Foxy Joe, Hard-Hearted Haley, and the remarkable Mall Mom, with song styles ranging from old time rock ‘n’ roll to close harmony vocals reminiscent of late ‘40s Andrews Sisters, Sweets ‘n’ Treats is much more than a simple, happy, pop music romp.

Undoubtedly, the upbeat tunes and clever storylines will make your children laugh out loud and dance past bedtime, but the seasoned listener will immediately recognize that Singer is a consummate professional trained in the “Great American Songbook” tradition. His wit and style shine through this album filled with sophisticated harmonies and intelligently crafted compositions, all sung with such refreshingly clear diction that it’s easy for kids to completely grasp the lyrics. Tremendous attention to detail has resulted in such special touches as the children’s chorus on several tracks. Many recordings of kids’ choruses are out of tune and almost painful to hear. The kids on Sweets ‘n’ Treats are real little pros and “right on” with their intonation, style, and rhythm. Produced by two-time GRAMMY® nominee, children’s musician Buck Howdy, Sweets ‘n’ Treats is a fun and funny musical adventure for kids…and for adults who are not afraid to occasionally act like kids.